46 Reunion Survey


 1975. It seems like just yesterday, but it was 46 years ago!  The past year has reinforced in all of us how important social connections are with our friends and family. I am fortunate and blessed to see several classmates regularly, but there are many I have not talked to in years, that I would love to talk to and I'm sure you feel the same.  I have heard from classmates across the United States and the world asking when our next reunion will be. Would you like a 46th year reunion? Perhaps an informal 46th and a more formal 50th? Please fill out the survey so we can make an informed decision.  Your answers are confidential. No one but the committee will see them. 
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1)   If you are able to, would you attend 46th reunion?

Yes No
2)   Would you prefer to wait until our 50th to hold our reunion?

Yes No
3)   We have a small amount of money in our class account. If we have a casual party, what would you feel comfortable spending on a ticket? (With appetizers and open bar.)

4)   Do you feel we should have corporate sponsers to help with the reunion costs? Would your business be willing to donate in exchange for advertising?