In Memory


In Memory

Those we Love remain with us,
for Love itself lives on.
Cherished memories never fade,
because a loved one is gone.
Those we Love can never be,
more than a thought apart.
For as long as there is a memory,
they’ll live on in our heart.
~Author Unknown

By Year Deceased Alphabetically Yearbook Photo

Kurt Arndt (Deceased Year Unknown)
Neal Barry (Deceased 2014)
Bruce Bauer (Deceased 2018)
Michelle Becker (Deceased 1975)
Michael Berent (Deceased 1992)
Robin Butler (Deceased 1979)
Martin Campbell (Deceased 1994)
Debbie Colberg (Deceased 2011)
Denise Cordrey-Koch (Deceased 2016)  
Susan Coughlin-Adams (Deceased Year Unknown)
Brian Diedrich (Deceased 1979)
Claire Dougherty (Korkowski) (Deceased 2016)  
Robert Eppel (Deceased 2015)  
Scott Funk (Deceased 2003)  
Dean Glash (Deceased 2016)
Donald Glorch (Deceased 1998)
Julie Huntington (Deceased 1998)
Yvette Janci (Deceased 1994)
Karen Jensen (Deceased 1975)  
George Kalsch (Deceased 2006)
Dave Kroncke (Deceased 1994)
Karen Lanway (Whitney) (Deceased 2018)
Steve Leary (Deceased 1981)
Joe Lovergine (Deceased 2018)
Francine May (Deceased 1978)  
Tom Merkel (Deceased 1984)
Donald Milbratz (Deceased 2012)
Brenda Minton-Coss (Deceased 2017)
Cathy Nellis (Deceased 2011)
Deborah Oldham (Deceased 2013)
Michael Patterson (Deceased 2003)  
James Reed (Deceased Year Unknown)
Darrell Seliga (Deceased 2009)
Scott Sveen (Deceased 2019)
Ed Thomas (Deceased 2012)
Sonja Treptau (Deceased 2007)
Bonnie VanBuren (Deceased 2010)  
Bruce VanBuren (Deceased Year Unknown)
Melodie Varvaro-Arndt (Deceased Year Unknown)
Victor Vercouter (Deceased Year Unknown)
Dan Voight (Deceased 1976)  
Tracy Watts (Deceased Year Unknown)
Kevin Wentzel (Deceased 1995)  
James Williams (Deceased 2007)
Geneva Wilson (deSoto) (Deceased 2019)
Evelyn Winters (Deceased Year Unknown)

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