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06/16/14 04:31 PM #1    

Beth Nell (Staley)

Welcome to the McHenry Community High School (1924-1980) Class of 1975 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/03/15 10:36 PM #2    


Ed Peters

Seems like we had a lot of twins in our class.  How many did we have?  How does it compare to other classes?  Anyone ever ask the same question?

02/04/15 09:04 PM #3    

Irm Oberhuber (Hess)

There were seven sets of Twins in the class of 1975.

02/05/15 03:19 PM #4    

Louie Sharp

Hey Irm, Do you remember who the other 6 were?

02/05/15 06:34 PM #5    

Irm Oberhuber (Hess)

Yes. I know all of them. I need to dig out my yearbook to remember some names. I will do that soon. ;-)


02/05/15 08:20 PM #6    


Ed Peters

Looking through the list of Classmate Profiles, I found 5 pairs of names that I'm quite certain are twins.  There are some others of which I am not so certain.  I will leave those for Irm to identify.  Did we have any boy/girl twins?

Irm & Chris Oberhuber

Anthony & Brian Antonou

Mike & Pat Hagberg

Leona & Leora Rostad

Melody & Merily Fail

02/06/15 02:40 PM #7    

Chris Mowrer (Miller)

Ed you forgot the Mowrer's, Cindy and Chris!

02/06/15 07:33 PM #8    


Ed Peters

Thanks Chris.  If you"re the 6th set of twins & Irm said there were 7, who's missing from the list?  (I really wish I had purchased a yearbook during at least one of my years in high school.)

02/08/15 08:54 PM #9    

Irm Oberhuber (Hess)

A Boy named Bruce and his Sister. They lived out on the winding road that went east from the Drive-In.


02/08/15 08:55 PM #10    

Irm Oberhuber (Hess)


02/08/15 10:31 PM #11    


Ed Peters

Bonnie & Bruce VanBuren.  That was one of the pairs of names I thought might be twins but I wasn't sure.

02/10/15 08:42 AM #12    


Lolly Meyer (Peters)

Bonnie and Bruce weren't twins...he failed a grade.

02/10/15 11:48 AM #13    


Ed Peters

Thanks Lolly!  So did we have any more twins in our class or did we only have 6 sets?  It's rather interesting, with only 50+ classmates registered, it looks like there were 4 sets of twins born.  Twins may be more common than I thought.  It just seemed like we had a high number in our class as a percentage

04/20/15 10:04 AM #14    

Annette Pintozzi (Cuda)


I was just notified yesterday that Bob Eppel passed away on April 8th due to complications from Alzheimer's.  His children and sisters were with him.  A memorial service is being held for him this Friday where he lived in Minnesota.

Rest In Peace, Bob.  You will be greatly missed.

04/21/15 11:59 AM #15    


Lolly Meyer (Peters)

So very sad...Bob was a truly nice guy, always happy to see you! I will miss him, but I know he's in a better place.

04/21/15 04:52 PM #16    

Irm Oberhuber (Hess)

Just read about Bob Eppel and His dying from Alzheimer's. I knew His Sister, Linda.

So very young. Condolences to all of His Family. 

04/21/15 05:06 PM #17    


Judy Revak (Lance)

That is sad. I knew him from kindergarten. They lived near Valley View School. Our thoughts and prayers to the family. 

04/21/15 06:21 PM #18    

Jeff Bierman

I was so sorry to hear Of Bob Eppel's passing, Like Judy noted, there was a large group of us that were in school together since kindergarten through Senior High and we will miss him. I remember him as always being cheerful and ready to help in any way. My condolences to his family and friends for their loss.

04/22/15 06:59 PM #19    

Robert Schabow

Sad to hear. Was looking forward to seeing him. Prayers

06/12/15 02:04 PM #20    


Ed Peters

Trying to add a picture to my profile but it's not working.  Anyone else having trouble or been successful in adding pictures?  I have tried using both IE11 & the latest Firefox, but no luck.  -Ed 

Update: Don't know what the problem was but I was successful about a week later - doing exactly the same thing that wasn't working the previous week!

09/06/15 08:59 AM #21    


Randy McCafferty

More photos added ~ enjoy!! What a great evening. Hope to see you much sooner! Start planning our 60th birthday reunion.... Blessings.. 

09/06/15 05:50 PM #22    


Nannette Mroz

60!?? WTF??  I'll make it if you docheeky

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